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Dr. philip a. holcombe, Ph.D., American Board of Professional psychology - clinical

MRs. Gidget A. Holcombe, B.S. Mathematics

About Dr. Holcombe


About MRS. gidget holcombe

I strive to be Christ-centered in all I do - including my practice of psychology.  I am blessed to have been drawn to Christ over 39 years ago and a licensed psychologist since 1997.  I have specialized in child, family, and military psychology throughout my schooling, advanced training, and career. I served as an Army psychologist for 23 years, including successful leadership of the two largest and most comprehensive behavioral health departments in the Army. I have extensive experience and training in multiple individual, child, couple, and family psychological health issues. I myself have extensive experience with family and children having raised three wonderful children with my beautiful wife.  I have served patients from ages 2 through 90 years of age.  In me, you will find a provider with a Christ-center value system, extensive knowledge in applied psychology, and well-seasoned counseling skills.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."-- William Butler Yeats


As a lover of learning myself, I am passionate about helping students find the joy in learning. When you include time spent as a classroom educator and time spent as a homeschooling mom, I have over twenty years of experience in teaching students from kindergarten to 12th grade with very different learning styles. Much of that time was spent with a student one-on-one as we worked together to tackle concepts that he or she found difficult. I never tire of seeing the joy return to a student’s eyes when the light bulb comes on as a student finally understands the material that had been baffling him or her.


God has filled our world with such order and beauty. Education gives us the tools we need to discover those wonders as well as to unlock the creativity and skills that God has blessed each one us with so that we can bless those around us.

As a former homeschooling educator, I am able to offer assistance and suggestions to parents who suddenly find themselves educating their children at home due to COVID-19 or other circumstance. I am also available to help parents come up with a system to help their children with distance learning.

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