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Testing Services

****Testing services are not available at this time.****


Dr. Holcombe is specialty trained in child psychology.  As part of this training, he gained competence in assessing and testing children and adults for issues like Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and learning issues/ concerns.  He is able to provide this service and work with the educational component of the practice to assist children, families, and school with addressing these issues.

Parents/ adults seeking evaluation should be aware insurance companies will not cover the costs of learning disability evaluations.  The cost is usually between $800 - $1,500.00 in out-of-pocket costs.

Academic Consultation and Tutoring Services

Homeschooling Consultation Services

As an educator that provided an education to three children who had very different learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses, Mrs. Holcombe has a wealth of experience to offer new homeschooling families and those who are not so new, but running into difficulties and would benefit from another perspective. Mrs. Holcombe has ties to the Classical Conversations community and experience in co-op environments as well as experience facilitating the entire education from home. COVID-19 and other circumstance have caused some families to be quickly thrust into the homeschooling environment with little time to plan or into the equally challenging world of distance learning. Mrs. Holcombe can help those families navigate the new environment.


Consultation Fees

  • 40 minute consultation in the office, on the phone or​ over video -- $30

  • 40 minute follow up appointments -- $25



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