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 Services from home - "Tele-behavioral Health"

Dr. Holcombe is pleased to provide patients with the option to receive services from his office or the comfort of their home via "tele-behavioral health care" or a combination.  Depending on the issues of treatment, services via tele-behavioral health may assist individuals or families to generalize treatment gains into their daily lives even more effectively. Tele-behavioral health services are provided via the internet.  While patients need to be aware of their chosen locations when they chose to use these services, the privacy over the internet connection is through a company called "Simple Practice." The company uses software equal to that which banks use to protect security of bank accounts and meets legal requirements for medical confidentiality.  In order to use these services, patients can use the cameras on their computers/ laptops or their cell phones.  Use of the tele-behavioral health system is easy and convenient.  Our office can walk you through the use of the system and complete a "dry run" with you to ensure the system works well for you.


As some insurance companies are in the process of understanding how to view tele-behavioral health services, we will need to confirm if your insurance company covers such services.   

Because of the stay at home orders issued by the governor and because there continues to be concerns regarding COVID-19, many insurance companies are paying for telehealth services. You can call your insurance company to check for benefits or call our office and we will check your coverage.

Dr. Holcombe's Treament Approach
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